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Faces #1 – Asymmetrical Face

Faces #1 – Asymmetrical Face

Faces #1 Asymmetrical Face Vastu Review

An irregularly formed face where one half of the face is longer and  or wider than the other half is called an Asymmetric Face. We have attached a few sketches and images for a better understanding at the end of the post.

Similar to the external irregularity in mirrors, these persons portray  an internal irregularity in their nature. They exert a great deal of fascination and are generally tricky and unforgiving, even vindictive nut career minded. They are aware of their strengths and direct their energy in the right direction.

Their life is emotional, considerate, affectionate, easy-going. Relationships are their focal point but because of their targeted approach and high expectations are not the perfect life partners as it can be difficult at time to satisfy and meet their expectation.

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Kindly Note, these traits are general qualities of the person with asymmetrical faces and in no manner represent a particular person or individual.